The Clean Lake Initiative

The Clean Lake Initiative is an Improvement District #4 Ad Hoc Committee whose
objective is to establish a protocol to certify boats that are free of mussel contamination
in the hopes that if an acceptable method to certify non-contaminated boats could be
brought forward, power boat use in Waterton could resume next year.

The committee would like to express our sincere appreciation to those of you who took
the time to send us research links, news releases, personal ideas and offers to help. All
information was carefully considered.

In addition, we researched the latest data on invasive mussel prevention in North
America, investigated current strategies, and travelled to other locations where mussel
prevention procedures have been implemented.

The committee drafted an initial concept plan which, in our opinion, is straightforward,
safe, cost effective, scientifically based and tailored to Waterton and its climate. This is
a very preliminary proposal and it will not be made public at this time.

In general, Parks Canada personnel were receptive to our proposal. However, there are
details of the plan which need to be considered in terms of their efficacy, their financial
implications and their application in a National Park.

This includes such things as staffing, new construction, billing procedures and
communication. Also, consideration must be given to determine the many different
situations in which boats enter and exit the lake.

We have no way of knowing to what extent Parks Canada operations and facilities will
be altered in the aftermath of the devastating Kenow fire. The marina rejuvenation
project was delayed but is now underway, and we understand that details are in place
for future reattachment of the boat slips.

Our goal was to have boats back in the lake in 2018. Now, because of the fire, it is
unlikely that we can work through the details in time to see that happen. While we have
not abandoned hope for 2018, as even a shortened season would be welcomed, aiming
for 2019 is a more realistic objective.

We will continue to meet with the Superintendent and his staff to discuss and adjust the
proposal as required. At this point in our discussions, we are cautiously and respectfully
optimistic that, under safe new guidelines, we will be able to launch boats once again on
Waterton Lakes.

Thank You For Your Support and Encouragement

The​ ​Council​ ​of​ ​Improvement​ ​District​ ​#4
Waterton​ ​Park,​ ​Alberta
Jody​ ​Thaell,​ ​Chair

Ken​ ​Black,​ ​Dennis​ ​Pollock,​ ​Brian​ ​Reeves,​ ​Brian​ ​Baker

Click Here for Clean Lake Initiative Update Oct 30, 2017