2017 ID4 Elections & Kenow Fire

Two days after the Kenow fire, the Council of Improvement District #4 held an emergency meeting in Lethbridge. At that time the village of Waterton was under an evacuation order and it was not known when that order would be lifted.
It was evident that Waterton’s election schedule, as set out by the Local Authorities Election Act, would be impossible to carry out. Constituents were scattered, with no idea when they could return.
Because of these circumstances, Council asked the Minister of Municipal Affairs to consider a stay in the election until such time as the electorate would once again be in Waterton. The Minister agreed, and the election was postponed. Saturday, August 18, 2018
is Election Day in Waterton.

Please mark your calendars. More information will be forthcoming.

Thank You,
The Council of Improvement District #4
Jody Thaell, Chair
Ken Black, Dennis Pollock, Brian Reeves, Brian Baker

2017.10.26 ID4 Public Notice Elections