For most municipalities in Alberta, the next municipal election will be October 18, 2021. The I.D. is currently working with the province to adopt summer village election legislation, which will change the election date (and nomination period) for the I.D. from October 18, 2021, to a date during the summer months. The exact date will be determined by Council.

Why is the I.D. seeking to adopt summer village election processes?

The current ministerial order (MSL:052/18) that governs I.D. 4 election processes must be replaced due to significant changes to provincial election legislation, the Local Authorities Election Act.

For the new Ministerial Order, I.D. 4 Council would like to adopt summer village election provisions because these provisions allow the I.D. to hold the election in either July or August (and receive nominations in June or July). The benefits to the ID are:

  • the process will ensure the majority of residents are in the area to vote and run for a council seat; and
  • greater opportunity for larger interest in the election and higher voter turnout.

I.D. 4 is also working with the province on voter and candidate eligibility requirements, which will be unique to the I.D. We will post updates when we have more information.

What does all this mean for the I.D.?

Although I.D. 4 is seeking changes to its election processes, the proposed changes have not yet received ministerial approval. Consequently, the I.D. is currently using the election legislation that applies to most municipalities — the nomination period runs from January 1st to September 20th. While administration encourages I.D. 4 residents and ratepayers to wait to submit nomination papers until the new ministerial order is in place, we technically can facilitate nomination submissions right now. If you would like to submit nomination papers, or if you have questions about running for municipal office, please see the links below for more information, or contact the CAO, Abe Tinney for more information. Phone: 403 752 3322 (ext. 1007) Email:

Nominations papers can be found on the Government of Alberta website.

If you are interested in running for office but would like more information please view the Nomination Package (forthcoming). 

You can also:

• Read the Alberta Municipal Affairs  document on Running for Municipal Office in Alberta
• Speak with existing or past I.D. Councillors
• Contact CAO Abe Tinney: 403-752-3322 (ext. 1002),
• Consult Municipal elections |