2021 Election: Candidate and Voter Eligibility

The I.D. #4 Waterton 2021 General Election will take place on August 23rd at the Waterton Community Centre.

Are you interested in voting or running in the election? Here is some important information regarding voter and candidate eligibility:

Voter Eligibility

  • you must be 18 years old,
  • you must be a Canadian citizen,
  • you must reside in Alberta on election day, and
  • you must be named as the assessed person for a property, or you must be the spouse or adult interdependent partner of the assessed person, or,
  • your place of residence has been within the I.D. for a cumulative total of 150 days in the twelve consecutive months preceding election day.

Candidate Eligibility

  • you must be eligible to vote (see above), and
  • you have resided in Alberta for the six consecutive months immediately preceding nomination day.

Do you maintain a residence in Waterton, and are you interested in running for office but are unable to because you are not named as the assessed person for your property? Municipal legislation allows municipalities to record a new assessed person. The municipality must receive consent from the current assessed person, and the newly recorded assessed person must “occupy the land,” which is interpreted to be a primary shareholder or resident of an assessed property who maintains, and temporarily resides in a residence/property in Waterton.

If you are interested in voting or running for office and would like to know more about becoming a newly assessed person in order to become eligible, or if you have general questions about the election or voter and candidate eligibility, please contact the I.D. 4 CAO, Abe Tinney, at 403-752-3322 (ext. 1007), or admin@id4waterton.ca.

You can also visit the election page on our website.