Waterton Municipal Census

May Long Weekend 2018

Improvement District #4 will conduct a municipal census the weekend of May 19-21, 2018 to include both residents and seasonal staff (known for census purposes as the shadow population). The enumerators will make two visits to the townsite throughout the weekend, and follow up with two visits in June for those addresses and seasonal staff that were not able to be counted in May. As is procedure throughout the province, the enumerators will knock on doors of residences and staff housing. For those not at home, contact information cards will be left.

An Accurate Municipal Census is Very Important

1.Our provincial grants such as the Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) grant program are based on the censused population. This grant program returns the majority of our education tax levy.

In the past, the Province has used the Federal Census for Waterton (May 10, 2016 Population: 105), which was held early in May when many residents and staff were not here. By conducting our own Municipal Census in the manner of most Alberta municipalities, and by including the shadow population, we will have a much more accurate census of our population. Most municipalities do not include the shadow population; we have Ministerial permission to do so.

This will enhance our proportion of provincial grants in the future. 2019 is both a Provincial and Federal Election year, and a change in government in Alberta and/or Ottawa could well impact grants to municipalities that are based on censused population.

2.Having a current censused population will give us accurate demographic information on residents and our shadow population. This will enhance our ongoing efforts in lobbying the Government of Alberta for such initiatives as seasonal medical services and enhanced EMS support to Waterton.  Our Community Paramedic trial was discontinued as a direct result of our low recorded censused population which appears on the Government of Alberta Municipal Affairs website.

The Clean Lake Initiative

Jody Thaell

Brian Reeves, Dennis Pollock, Keith Robinson, Lorin Low

The Clean Lake Initiative is an Improvement District #4 Ad Hoc Committee established in March 2017, whose objective is to establish a protocol to certify boats that are free of mussel contamination in the hopes that if an acceptable method to certify non-contaminated boats could be determined, power boat use in Waterton could resume.

The committee drafted an initial concept plan which is straightforward, safe, cost effective, scientifically based and tailored to Waterton and its climate.

In general, Parks Canada is receptive to our plan. However, there are details which need to be considered in terms of efficacy, financial implications and its application in a National Park.  

Parks Canada operations and facilities have been significantly altered in the aftermath of the devastating Kenow fire. The fire also impacted the marina rejuvenation project timetable. As a result, our discussions regarding the Clean Lake Initiative had to be put on hold, but we are happy to report that we have recently resumed discussions.  

Our goal was to have boats back in the lake in 2018. Now, because of the fire, it is unlikely that we can work through the details in time to see that happen. Aiming for 2019 is a more realistic objective. For that to happen, protocols must be in place by this fall. Details will be shared as soon as possible.

We will continue to meet with the Superintendent and his staff to discuss and adjust the proposal as required. At this point in our discussions, we are cautiously and respectfully optimistic that, under safe new guidelines, we will be able to launch boats once again on Waterton Lakes.

Thank you for your ongoing patience, support and encouragement.


Chinook Arch Library

ID#4 is now a member of the Chinook Arch Regional Library System and Waterton residents are eligible for full service memberships. We have been invited to appoint a representative to their Board.

While it is not mandatory, it would be desirable to have our community represented. The Library Board meets three times per year and they cover travel expenses at the current Alberta Government rates.

It would require, at minimum, an annual report at an ID#4 Council meeting.

If you are interested in filling this position, please email scottbarton@raymond.ca

The Council of Improvement District #4

Waterton Park, Alberta

Jody Thaell, Chair

Ken Black, Dennis Pollock, Brian Reeves, Brian Baker