Council Meetings

The next council meeting will be Friday September 17th at 6:30 pm at the Waterton Community Centre. This will be the newly elected Council's first Council Meeting. You can view the agenda package here.  The public is welcome to attend council meetings.

In order to facilitate an orderly meeting, we ask that those in attendance refrain from speaking until council has finished discussion on a particular item and the chair has explicitly asked if there are any questions or comments from the public. Council appreciates public participation in municipal matters, including attendance at Council meetings, and I.D. 4 Council will make every effort to ensure public access and transparency.


Boating In Waterton - The 2021 Boating Season in Waterton is from May 8 through October 3

To launch a trailered or motorized watercraft or detachable gas motor in Waterton Lakes, it must have been registered, sealed and quarantined for a minimum of 90 days prior to date of launch.

Updated April 21, 2021

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2021 Election

The 2021 I.D. 4 municipal election will be held at the Waterton Community Centre on Monday August 23 from 10am to 7:00pm. Please visit our election page for more information.

Elected Official Training- EOEP

Did you know that the MGA requires municipal elected officials to be offered training within 30 days after election?
The EOEP is your go-to place for meeting this mandatory requirement for elected official training!
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2021 Council Meetings

Meeting are at the Waterton Community Centre. Please contact Scott Barton ( if you wish to attend, or have any questions.

2018 Census Report

Usual Residents 108

Shadow Population 405

Total Population 536

Uncontacted Dwellings 5

Total Private Dwellings (includes dwellings attached to businesses) 182

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Council Meetings

Council follows a meeting agenda, and often has guest presenters. If you would like to be on the agenda of a Council meeting, please contact Scott Barton in writing at at least two weeks prior to the meeting. Council meets semi-monthly on the third Friday, but please check the website or contact Scott Barton to confirm. From time to time the meetings have to be rescheduled.

If you are scheduled to make a presentation at a council meeting and you require IT and/or audio visual support, please make arrangements well in advance of the meeting through Maria Robinson at the WCC. She can be reached at (403)859-2042 or at  The community centre has equipment which can be used, but it must be reserved in advance, as Maria is not in the office every day. On meeting day, please make all necessary arrangements to have equipment set up prior the commencement of the meeting. Council meets regularly the third Friday of alternate months beginning in January

If You Attend
You are most welcome to attend regular Council meetings. You may have questions or comments. After Council concludes their presentations and discussions for each agenda item, and if time allows, the Chairman will ask for questions from the floor. If the questions are for an invited guest, the Chairman will ask the guest if they wish to take questions. The acoustics are poor in the meeting rooms of the Community Centre, so being quiet and turning off devices is very important.

Since 1993

Waterton is a global treasure that enjoys a unique, triple distinction:
• International Peace Park
• UNESCO World Heritage Site
• UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Today Waterton remains a spectacular natural wonder - a blend of unusual geology, mild climate, rare wild flowers and an abundance of wildlife. Waterton offers an "all natural" experience like no other place in the world.
This is due in large part to the people who live here that have worked to preserve and maintain its magnificence. We are passionate about our community, our wildlife, the glorious mountains and vegetation that surround us. We think you will share that passion from the moment you arrive.

Photo by Mark Goble
Photo by Mark Goble