2018 Census Report

Census Highlights

Usual Residents 108

Shadow Population 405

Seasonal Population 536

Uncontacted Dwellings 5

Total Private Dwellings (includes dwellings attached to businesses) 182

Between May 18 and June 30th, the census enumerator visited the Waterton townsite to collect three population numbers:

1) Usual Residents – A lot of people in Waterton spend the year in more than one dwelling. These people were asked to designate one dwelling as their usual residence. The usual resident number captures people who live here all year, as well as those who live here for part of the year but designate Waterton as their usual place of residence.

2) Shadow Population –The shadow population refers to temporary residents of a municipality who are employed by an industrial or commercial establishment in the municipality for a minimum of 30 days within a municipal census year.

Prior to conducting the census, we received approval from the Minister to conduct the shadow population count based on the qualifying principle that the I.D. 4 population is less than 1,000 people and has a shadow population that is greater than 10 percent of the permanent population. The shadow count will be added to the usual resident count, for a total population of 513.

3) Seasonal Population

The seasonal count is for I.D. 4 Council use, and does not register as an official number with municipal affairs. This count offers a glimpse of the population staying in town dwellings at a given time (enumeration occurred during weekends) over the summer. I.D.4 Council hopes to use this number as leverage when pursuing enhanced services/funding from municipal affairs (for example, emergency services in town)